Know Your MS Relapse Treatment Options: Rethink Multiple Sclerosis Relapses

Starting a Conversation with My Doctor

Communicating with your healthcare team about your symptoms and treatment is essential to successful management of MS. MS relapses are no exception. Be sure to provide your healthcare team with feedback on changes in your health during and following treatment for relapses. Open communication will allow you and your doctor to evaluate your response to therapy and your ability to tolerate any side effects of therapy. My Relapse Report can help start the conversation. Print out your reports and keep them in a binder to help you get prepared for your doctor visits. Talk with your doctor about how you felt during the relapse, and how well you think your treatment worked. This will help you and your doctor create a treatment plan for your next relapse.

Come to your next doctor’s visit prepared to discuss these three questions about your relapse treatment:

  1. Were your symptoms relieved or similar to how they were before your relapse?
  2. Did you have any side effects from therapy?
  3. Did you have any difficulties with treatment administration?
Learn about life after a relapse—what you can expect and how to get support you need.