Dr. Schapiro on Treating Relapses: Rethink Multiple Sclerosis Relapses

Advice on How To Talk To Your Doctor

Hear Dr. Randy Schapiro’s advice on how to work well with your healthcare team to get the best care possible for your MS relapses.

  • Dr. Schapiro Talks Treatment
  • Managing Your Healthcare Team
  • Managing MS Relapses
  • Managing Relapses With The Help Of Your Healthcare Team
  • Looking Ahead
Chapter 1 : Dr. Schapiro Talks Treatment

Meet the founder of the first comprehensive MS clinic in the US and author of Managing the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

No one wants to think about relapses when they feel well. But it is important to learn about relapses and know when to contact your healthcare team.

– Randy Schapiro, MD, FAAN

Dr. Schapiro is the president of the Schapiro Multiple Sclerosis Advisory Group in Eagle, Colorado. He founded The Schapiro Center for Multiple Sclerosis at the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology, which was the first private practice comprehensive MS clinic in the United States. He is author of the popular book Managing the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.