My Relapse Report: Rethink Multiple Sclerosis Relapses

My Relapse Report

Your healthcare team is there to help you get the best care possible for your multiple sclerosis. But there may not always be enough time in each visit to talk about everything you want to. You can make the most of the time with your provider by preparing ahead of time. My Relapse Report can help.

My Relapse Report can be used in two ways.

  1. When you’re feeling well: Write down any MS symptoms you have. This will help give you and your healthcare provider a good idea of your baseline state of health (how you felt before your MS relapse). You can also record your relapse history and medication history. This will help your healthcare provider determine if the same treatment is appropriate for your next MS relapse.

  2. When you think you may be having an MS relapse: Record (or have a friend or family member record) your MS symptoms and how they are impacting you. And try to track your symptoms using My Relapse Report on a regular basis. This will help you and your healthcare provider understand how your symptoms have changed over time. It will also help your healthcare provider determine if you’re having a relapse and need treatment.

Print the results and show them to your healthcare provider at your next visit. Please be aware that in order to protect you, your information is not saved on this website. Be sure and print or email My Relapse Report or your information will be lost.